The Brass Kettle to open food truck

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ABERDEEN - Owners of a popular restaurant in Aberdeen are taking their meals on the road. The Brass Kettle is taking their signature dishes around town starting this weekend on the Melgaard Park.

The Brass Kettle is a fairly new restaurant located on one of the busier streets in town, so it's already seen some success. And their owners are hopeful their new food truck adventure will boost their popularity and bring some flare to Hub City.

June 2nd marks the first anniversary of The Brass Kettle, and it's popularity grows every day. So starting a food truck is the next step.

"I believe that Aberdeen has been missing that food truck culture," says Brandon Johnson, the owner of the restaurant. "What's nice about it is that you can change your concept over and over again, you can reinvent yourself."

This weekend you can order a Philly grilled cheese sandwich on the truck with homemade queso.

"It's on a nice thick slice of homemade bread with peppers and onions with beef," says Johnson.

Despite the food truck, The Brass Kettle is already different than other food stops in town. It's modern, with a constantly changing menu. The chefs have mastered dishes that sometimes features food from a different country or state.

"I think people feel like they've actually escaped out of Aberdeen and had more of a big city feel," says Nick Howell, the other owner of the restaurant. "We wanted to focus on growing our own produce and locally sourcing as much stuff as possible."

Johnson and Howell call Aberdeen their home, and plan to make their food truck a permanent fixture in town.

"I hope that other restaurants kind of do the same thing," says Johnson. "The ideas and concepts, the price points that we've been setting other places have taken that as well and that's a good thing."

The junction is also rolling out their food truck so it may not be long until other restaurants follow suit.

The food truck will be at the Melgaard Park Saturday June 18 from 10AM-6PM and Sunday June 18 from 11AM to 5PM.