The Neighborherds offers beef delivered to your doorstep

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YANKTON COUNTY, S.D. (KSFY) - From farm to fork, pasture to plate, people like to know where there food is coming from. The Neighborherds allows this by bringing beef to people's doors.

"It's important for us to help people who want to know where their food comes from figure that out," co-founder Kristen Hicks said.

Kristen and Nate Hicks started The Neighborherds for that very reason a year ago. The two's company delivers local farm fresh beef.

"We started off as just an opportunity to get beef direct to consumers, so they could see where their beef comes from. Kristen has a really good background in marketing and web design, and I have none of that, so she has been really helpful in the sales side of things," Nate said.

"If you want to have an option that ships direct to your door from independent farmers and ranchers in your area, we are it. This is it," Kristen said.

The Neighborherds is pretty self explanatory - using neighboring herds for its beef supply. After a trip to the butcher, the steaks or hamburger are packed in a cooler and shipped to the customer.

"We have four farm partners right now. We have three that are in the Yankton area, and we are one of them. My husband's farm is one of them, and then we have one in Nebraska that raises completely grass-fed Highland Scottish Cattle," Kristen said.

It's quality beef from quality people.

"We just want people to understand that farmers aren't these bad guys out there. We are people that take care of these animals like anyone would care for their pet or family member. We treat these animals as best as humanly possible, make sure they are healthy and happy their entire lives," Nate said.

Neighborherds offers several beef bundles, check them out over at: