The unique Brown County Highway Department's snow budget

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Snow removal is a big job for communities around the region, and it's also a big part of their budgets.

"Our annual budget this year is about 9.4 million dollars for everything," said Dirk Rogers, Brown County Highway Superintendent.

The Brown County Highway Department budgets a little differently than you may think.

"We don't track it specifically. We budget trucks for a year, we budget operators for a year, we budget materials, equipment for a year, everything's for the year, and the budget doesn't care if we're hauling snow or we're hauling gravel, or we're plowing snow or whatever," Rogers said.

Dirk Rogers is the Superintendent of the Brown County Highway Department; this way of budgeting has always worked for him and his staff.

"We're never really in jeopardy of running out because it's all actually contained in your operational budget," said Rogers.

An extreme winter season is the only time Rogers believes he would run into any issues.

"Unless you had an extreme, extreme event where you were over running your overtime all the time, would be the only time where you would expend all of it," Rogers said.

In that case the department has a reserve fund that hasn't been used since 2001.

"We do have a fund, the emergency snow levy with about $425,000 in it that's just sitting there," said Rogers.

Rogers doesn't think the department will need to use that money anytime soon because the department continuously manages the budget they are given.