Three local businesses provide hundreds of Christmas dinners

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) As family gather together this holiday season, providing a special meal can be a challenge. It’s why three local companies decided to help.

“Just something we decided to do over lunch one day and put the plan into action,” Taco Johns Vice President of Operations Ted Miller said.

What started as a conversation between office neighbors Taco Johns, Five Guys and Wheel City, turned into a Christmas blessing for hundreds of area families.

“We gave 250 turkey meals with turkeys and milk and stuffing and rolls and cranberries and potatoes, cookies, a little bit of everything,” Miller said.

These Christmas dinners were purchased with the help of thousands of people around Sioux Falls.

“Our change boxes on the outside of our drive-thru windows, we saved up the money all year and then we matched everything that was put in those change boxes throughout the year to be able to do this,” Taco Johns volunteer Cinda Swenson said.

Organizers say this first year event revealed a big need in the community.

“People were lined up and ready to go by six in the morning for an eight o clock start time, which tells you there's a need,” Miller said.

“A lot of people were really appreciative, we got a thank you card from a lady who was in tears,” Volunteer Desiree Glanzer said.

It’s what made all of this hard work well worth it.

“It definitely warms you up on a cold day to be able send people home with something to serve their families,” Swenson said.

“We're all blessed with a lot of things in our lives and for us to be able to do this for us and our employees and our kids, it was just special all the way around,” Miller said.

The company's behind this event say they hope to give out even more dinners next year. You can help by dropping your spare change in donations boxes at Taco Johns and Five Guys restaurants in Sioux Falls all year long.