Investigators still search for missing Woonsocket woman

Sioux Falls (KSFY) - It's been three years since a Woonsocket woman disappeared.

Rachel Cyriacks was last seen in November of 2013. Investigators are still looking into this case and family members haven't given up hope.

"You just kind of live, just breathe and go, day by day," Rachel's mother Mary Schabot said.

The Sanborn County Sheriff's Department and Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) are continuing to work on this case. The DCI got involved in December of 2013 when Rachel's father said he hadn't seen his daughter in a few weeks.

"From that time we have obviously taken a hard look at her husband, Brad Cyriacks. He actually got out of jail on that same day, November 12, 2013. We did do a number of interviews with him. Initially he claimed he didn't know anything about her disappearance, eventually he did admit she did pick him up from jail and brought him home," DCI agent Tyler Neuharth said.

Brad Cyriacks is still technically married to Rachel. They have three children who have since been adopted by new parents. Neuharth says Brad was the last person who saw his wife. Initially the DCI questioned him several times, but there was no substantial evidence that he was involved in Rachel's disappearance.

"I would label him a person of interest, and I would still call him a suspect," Neuharth said.

As of February 2017 Brad is at the Rapid City Community Work Center after a year long stint in prison. "He was in prison for a year for 3rd offense violation of a protection order with his new girlfriend. He is out now serving in community transition program," Neuharth said.

Leads continue to come into the Sanborn County Sheriff's office.
"Just this last summer we had a tip that she was out in a ditch, so we took a ground penetrating system out there to see," Neuharth said.

That search came up empty. Investigators have combed many rural areas, and there is still no trace of Rachel. Jennifer Hiles is a friend of Rachel's. She said she continues to hear rumors about where Rachel could be.

"At first we all just had a lot of hope that she would turn up fast, and so everyone was looking for her and was aware that she was missing. As time goes on, it just doesn't seem like its going to happen. I have heard so many different stories about what for sure happened. I think it all kind of wraps around the same thing. I think it had something to do with drugs, and I always hear something about that she could be in a well I guess," Hiles said.

The DCI has looked into the rumored well. Again investigators found no sign of Rachel.

Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley says a key to the investigation could be finding a special quilt of Rachel's. He has searched the Cyriacks' home as well as Rachel's possessions for it. Since she went missing, it too, has been gone.

"Rachel was very proud of the blanket, and actually when she received it, she called and showed it to me," Sheriff Fridley said.

The search continues for Rachel. It's been three years, but family and friends have not given up. At this point, they say closure is all they are looking for.

"Like Memorial Day, you do the cemetary. We don't have a tombstone or nothing. That's not have anywhere to go to say your goodbyes," Mary said.

If you have any information regarding Rachel's disappearance, you are asked to call the Sanborn County Sheriff's Office at (605) 796-4511.