Time capsule opened from 1924

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A 95-year-old time capsule has been unearthed and opened.

The time capsule comes from the former Masonic Grand Lodge library in Sioux Falls. It dates back to 19-24.

There were several newspapers, a Sioux Falls telephone directory and a masonic newsletter in the capsule.

Architecture Incorporated, which owns the building, announced the opening of the capsule as part of its restoration project.

"We're giving the masons an opportunity to see the contents of their time capsule that they placed back in 1924 and it's kind of an exciting day," said Lisa Vandervoort, Architecture Incorporated's business manager. "We have Grandmaster Donnell Woods along with other grand masons to witness the event."

The capsule was re-sealed with a few more items following the ceremony.