Tips to avoid bumps in the road renting a car Memorial Day Weekend

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - More than 30 million people are expected to hit the road ahead of what could be a record-setting weekend for Memorial Day travel and some of those people will make the trip in a rental car.

How would you feel if you were quoted a $200 fee for a rental car, but then charged $400 when you returned it?
That's what many people are saying happened to them when they used Payless Car rental.

The Better Business Bureau has issued a national warning about the company, giving them an ‘F’ rating.

There isn't Payless Car Rental located in South Dakota, but there are locations as close as Minneapolis, Des Moines, and Omaha, all major destinations for travelers in our area.

But even without getting scammed, unexpected charges can add up no matter which company people to choose when they rent a car.
So, there are some important tips everyone should know.
More than 120,000 South Dakotans are expected to travel this holiday weekend and the majority of those will be hitting the road.

Officials with the Better Business Bureau say if you're planning to rent a car, pump the brakes for minute, and listen to these tips.

“Shop around, that's the great thing about the internet, it offers you a variety of different organizations to look at to compare side by side,” Jessie Schmidt with BBB South Dakota said.

She says one way to skip the surprises is by doing your homework.

“Look up that rental car company, see if they have a history of past complaints, do they have customer reviews? Just get some more information about the company,” she added.

One frequent traveler says he always makes a reservation, which can help people divert two different issues.

“Let's say there's no cars available and you land and you’re stuck without a car,” Anthony Johnson pointed out.

Payless Car Rental would add extra charges to people who didn’t have a reservation even, if they told an associate they didn’t want extras like insurance. The company didn’t do this to people who already had reservations.

Even after you get to the car rental company, there are some last minute precautions to take.

Make sure you walk around the car with an employee of the rental car company and look for any dents or even scratches like this to point out to them before you leave.

Costly damages you didn’t cause can rack up quickly, that's why experienced travelers are diligent about this.

“I picked up the car late at night. Unfortunately, I had to use the flashlight on my phone to walk around the big jeep that I had rented to make sure there’s not scratches,” Johnson said.
Payless Car Rental's parent company is Avis.
There is one Avis location in Sioux Falls.
KSFY News looked up reviews for the company on the BBB website, and while the company as a whole received an ‘F’ rating, just like Payless Car Rental, the Sioux Falls branch is a franchise that has not been rated and zero customer complaints on the website.