Coach Rozy's Tips to stay healthy and active through the holidays

Mark Roozen Coach Rozy offers tips to stay active through the holidays
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Friends, Family, and Food are a big part of the Holiday season, but all the holiday treats could set you off from your fitness goals.

Mark Roozen, known as Coach Rozy, says making a plan for what you want to eat and how often you'd like to workout can help you through the holidays; focusing on how many good days you could have.

The Avera Performance Trainer at Avera Sacred Heart in Yankton says it's important to give yourself some grace if you overeat a time or two as you celebrate. "You know with exercise, it's like well I missed my workout so I won't go back until next year, or I'm going to wait through December, January first. Because you're off somewhere on one [day], doesn't mean you have to destroy the whole month," said Roozen.

Coach Rozy says setting a goal, and a plan for exercise and eating over the holiday season will be helpful, and to not lose sight of it over one day of indulging. He acknowledges this time of year can be challenging.

"The scale might go up a little bit. I just tell people don't beat yourself up over it. Just try to make it go up only a pound instead of five pounds if you can. I think just having a goal in place, a plan in place. That's what I tell people; start that now so as we move into the holiday season with Thanksgiving, and then Christmas parties and New Year's Parties --You've got to have a plan in place," said Roozen.

Coach Rozy says a few tips you can try if you're having a craving, is waiting 10 minutes, to see if you to still want to eat after a short delay, or try another activity not around food, as a diversion.

Even if your diet and exercise may be different this time of year, Coach Rozy says you can focus on the healthy eating choices you do make, and how often you fit in some activity.