Tom Hanks tweets he 'may move to Sioux Falls'

Dick Thomas Johnson / CC BY 2.0 / MGN

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Is Tom Hanks thinking about moving to South Dakota? Maybe.

The actor tweeted his interest in the city Tuesday while promoting a book by James Fallows and Deborah Fallows titled, "Our Towns: A 100,000-mile Journey into the Heart of America."

"The most optimistic stories, about America! Non-fiction, personal May move to Sioux Falls, at least visit. Rapid City, too. Others! Hanx ," the tweet read.

Congresswoman Kristi Noem, Sens. John Thune and Mike Rounds and Sioux Falls Mayor Paul TenHaken tweeted Hanks, encouraging him to make the move.