Total arrests across South Dakota rise in 2017

(KSFY) - State officials say total arrests across South Dakota rose in 2017, paced largely by drug-related crimes.

Attorney General Marty Jackley released the crime report on Wednesday.

According to the report, there were 44,265 total arrests involving 76,950 offenses in 2017, an approximate 5 percent increase over 2016. The overall numbers roughly match a slow but steady increasing trend over the past ten years.

Jackley said drug offenses alone rose 7.2 percent, though he pointed out several other key areas saw a decrease in crime in 2017.

"“The crime statistics reflect that, overall, South Dakota remains a safe place to live as a result of strong community involvement and law enforcement efforts," Jackley said in a press release. "Many categories of violent crime, including murder, kidnapping, and child pornography were down in 2017."

The crime report is compiled by the Attorney General’s Criminal Statistical Analysis Center.

The full report is available here. An abbreviated report is attached to this story.

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