Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Dylan Northrop

Tonight's Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Dylan Northrop, a senior at Ipswich High School with a 4.01 grade point average.

Dylan plays Basketball, Football and Golf and his efforts in the classroom have been acknowledged by the National Honor Society.

Dylan Northrup tells us he has a level of personal achievement he has set for himself that drives him to do his very best. "I like the feeling of accomplishment when I can get all my stuff done. I feel good when I can get good grades."

Dylan says he always works as hard as he can on whatever assignment he has and he has found that if he does that, everything seems to work out.
And it's that lesson that he has learned that he tries to pass on to as many underclassmen as possible. "Work as hard as you can. because high school really isn't that hard. It's just how hard you want to work."

"Dylan's a great kid. He's a model student. He's the type of student we want coming out of our school." Dan Knust is the high school principal at Ipswich and he tells us Dylan is always someone he can depend matter what the task might be. "He puts forth a lot of effort and he's put a lot of time into his studies as well as his extra curriculars."

Dylan is ready to wrap up his high school career and move on to his next step in life....which will keep him relatively close to home. "I plan to attend Northern State University. I haven't really decided on a major yet. But that's where I plan to go."

For being named a Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Dylan receives a $100 scholarship from FEM Electric Association which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.