Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Alyssa Meyer of Faulkton

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FAULTON, S.D. (KSFY) - Our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Alyssa Meyer, a senior at Faulkton High School with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

Alyssa stays busy in addition to her class work with band, choir, speech, theater and the Future Farmers of America.

She said going to a smaller school like Faulkton has distinct benefits. For example, she said her small class size has been a bonus.

"There's only 13 kids in my class, so you get a lot of attention, a lot of individualism," she said.

Alyssa said she has never been afraid to work and put in the extra time needed to get her assignments right. She knows she has sacrificed a lot of free time along the way but tells KSFY News it has been worth it.

"Something good grades will get you is your future, an education, and hanging out with your friends, although it is awesome, won't exactly get you that opportunity, but it is nice to find a balance so that you can do everything," she said.

Alyssa is in the midst of finishing her senior year but is not currently taking any dual credit courses. She said she did that last year.

"I took speech and I took psychology, and absolutely loved speech," she said.

This year she wanted to focus on living in the moment and enjoying her senior year, and while she is looking forward to graduation, part of her is also dreading it as well.

"A whole heck of a lot," she said. "All my friends are here. I'm used to all this stuff, being involved and everything in high school."

Alyssa said next year she is going to go to Northern State University in Aberdeen. She said some of her extra curricular competitions have taken place at Northern and that to her it feels like home.

But as for what she is going to study there? Alyssa is still working to nail that down.

"That's the question, isn't it? Right now I'm thinking I'm going to major in business -- that's a for sure -- and my other option would be to double major in music or to minor in music," she said.

For being named the Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Alyssa received a $100 scholarship from FEM Electric Association, which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.