Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Antonia Block of Wilmont

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WILMONT, S.D. (KSFY) - Our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Antonia Block, a senior at Wilmot High School with a perfect 4.0 GPA.

She is in band, chorus, speech and is also involved with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Antonia says she is thrilled to be named a scholar of the week.

"This is pretty amazing," she said. "I don't know in recent years if anybody from our school has gotten scholar of the week."

Antonia tells KSFY News that winning this award provides for her a level of validation about her work that she really appreciates receiving.

"I think it's nice that it feels like everything that I've done is finally starting to pay off," she said. "High school and school in general seems to get kind of long, and it's nice to finally see that everything I've been doing for the past couple years actually means something."

So is there a secret to why Antonia does so well in school? She tells KSFY News it is a matter of knowing what you want and then going after it.

"Having goals for yourself, plans that you want to accomplish, and then doing what you need to do, staying dedicated to accomplish those -- that's definitely very important if you want to achieve something meaningful with your life," she said.

Wilmot's Superintendent Larry Hulscher says he has no doubt whatsoever that whatever comes next for Antonia, she will accomplish it with no problem at all.

"I think she'll be great no matter what she does because at the bottom of it she is a great person," he said. "She's got a super heart. She's a very caring person. She's one of the nicest kids in our building. I think staff and students would both tell you that."

As for what does come next, Antonia says she is heading out west to the South Dakota School of Mines where she plans on majoring in chemical engineering.

"It's pretty intense out there, but I think I'll be able to handle it," she said.

For being named the Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Antonia received a $100 scholarship from Whetstone Valley Electric Cooperative, which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.