Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Baylee Enander

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Tonight's Touchtone Energy Scholar of the Week is Baylee Enander, a senior at Hitchcock-Tulare High School.

Baylee has an above average 4.07 grade point average and plays Volleyball and Basketball and runs Track. She also served on the school's student council.

Baylee tells us she has invested a lot of time and energy in her education for what she says is a simple reason. "If you're not educated in school you won't be able to go anywhere in life. So it's really important that you take education serious." Baylee says it takes a lot of organization on her part to make sure her time is well spent but it has been paying off. "I work really hard to make sure I get good grades and I succeed."

Her school principal Clint Nelson tells us it is no surprise to him that Baylee would win this award. "She's a great leader for our school. She excels academically at a very high high rate. Just a stand up good citizen." Principal Nelson says Baylee is involving in the school's mentoring program and as a result, younger students get a front row seat to the good example she is setting. "I think she sets the example of what patriot pride is at our school."

"I plan to go to USD for special education." Baylee says her next step in education....will actually help keep her in education....helping student who could really benefit from her assistance. "Because I love working with kids and I want to make a difference in their life." And as Baylee prepares to take that next step in her life...she has a piece of advice for stuents who are still navigating their way through their high school careers. "Don't be scared. Just have fun an be involved. The more involved you are the more fun it is. Don't stress yourself out."

For being named our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Baylee receives a $100 scholarship from Northern Electric Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.