Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Hannah Brockway

Tonight's Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Hannah Brockway, a senior at Tracy High School with a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

Hannah is on the Honor Roll and is a member of the National Honor Society. She's involved in Band, Choir and Speech as well as 4H. She also runs Track and Cross Country!

Hannah Brockway tells us being successful in school has always been a competition she has had with herself. "I have always wanted to try to do my very best and it's kind of been a challenge to myself to see how good I can do on my homework."

On top of her regular high school class load, Hannah is taking three college level courses as well during her senior year: Political Science, Literature and Calculus.
And she says those classes specificially benefit her in two different ways. "It's also just kind of nice to take them for the experience. Not only to get the credit."

But out of all the classes she is taking, she says she likes Math the best. She says she loves the work involved in figuring out the problems. She calls them puzzles.
She tells us she hopes her hard work serves as an example for the those just coming into their high school careers. "I hope that others will see that hard work can get your farther and that by studying and taking the time you can get better."

Hannah's principal, Kathy Vondracek says Hannah stands out because of the extremely well rounded nature of her character. "Even though she is so strong academically she's the Cross Country captain. She's excellent in the Fine Arts. In Speech she went to state. She has several awards in vocal and instrumental music. She's in all the Drama productions."

What is next for Hannah? She's going to college in the fall but she hasn't settled on a final choice just yet. "No right now its between two colleges; University of Minnesota-Morris and the College of St. Ben."

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Hannah receives a $100 scholarship from Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.