Trail King continues to lead North American trailer market

Trail King Industries started in Mitchell in 1974. It started out of a home's garage, and now its headquarters employs nearly 500 people in the South Dakota town.

"We build everything from a small utility trailer up to a million pound transportation system that we haul heavy equipment for the specialized industry," Rick Farris said.

Farris is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He is based in Mitchell. Besides Mitchell, Trail King has three manufacturing plants. One is in West Fargo, N.D. The other is in Yankton.

The company employs roughly 770 workers at all the plants combined.

"We're the only manufacturer that covers the entire United States. We have regional manufacturers we compete with, but for the most part, we're the only full-line manufacturer of trailers in the nation," he said.

The company's 23 different body styles ship all over the globe.

"We ship trailers to 37 countries. Most of our business is in North America with United States, Canada and Mexico. We have relationships in Germany, Europe and Australia, so we ship internationally, world-wide," he said.

Farris said Trail King makes 3,700 trailers a year out of all three facilities. He also says, increased demand is calling for more workers.

"We are on a hiring spree. The economy is very strong, and we continue to need, good qualified welders and employees," he said.

For more information in the hiring process, check out Trail King's Website.

"We have people that have been with us for 40 years. They are dedicated, loyal employees. South Dakota is a great place for a manufacturing company. There is a Midwest work mentality that fits us well," he said.

The easy way to tell if a trailer is a Trail King trailer, just look for triangles.