TransCanada estimates Marshall County leak cleanup could take several weeks

MARSHALL COUNTY, S.D. - TransCanada is starting to have an idea of how long it will take to clean up the Keystone pipeline leak in Marshall County .
A representative from the company says their initial estimates show that cleanup will take more than 30 days and up to several weeks.

TransCanada announced Saturday that the company still does not know what caused the pipeline to leak 210,000 gallons of oil Thursday morning.

“We noticed a drop in pressure in our keystone pipeline and within minutes our crews were at our oil control center we shut down the pipeline and isolated the valve within minutes,” TransCanada spokesperson, Mark Cooper said.

Saturday the company dispatched at least 30 more people to the site in Amherst, increasing its crew from 75 to 100.

“We are going to be here and aggressively do this and ensure that the land is returned to its original state,” Cooper said.

The new crews will also bring more equipment.
The team in Amherst has already made a start cleaning the oil.

“You know we need to first remove the oil from the land so we have vacuum trucks there that do that. We have specialized trucks that actually store and contain that oil and we have exuviation equipment that is actually going to start removing that top soil,” Cooper said.

One land owner in the area says he was concerned when the pipeline was installed and says he isn't surprised it leaked.

“We were very, very hesitant about what was going to happen. We had some educated people, engineers and that sort of thing that said thin wall, high pressure, and hazardous liquid pipeline and then slamming it in that way they did…They said how could something like this no happen,” area land owner Kent Moeckly said.

Moeckly says he has pipeline running through his property.
He live north of the spill and worries about the future of his land.

“They said you won’t have a problem with a leak in something like 4,000 years. It hasn't been ten years and there already I believe a leak in the southern part of the state and now this leak up here,” he said.

The last time the Keystone Pipeline leaked in South Dakota was in 2016 near Menno.
That leak was 16,800 gallons, or 400 barrels.
Thursday's leak is much larger in comparison at nearly 5000 barrels.
That's more than 12 times the amount of oil.