Travelers delayed getting to destinations because of Sioux Falls Regional Airport closure

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The Sioux Falls Regional Airport was closed Thursday, affecting many flights and hundreds of travelers. The blizzard conditions created low visibility, which made it dangerous for planes to take off and land. Many passengers were forced to reschedule their flight out of Sioux Falls, but some had big events to get to.

Traveling to Hawaii is something so many of us dream about during the winter, but especially on a day like Thursday. That's where Sharol Broesder and her best friend were supposed to depart to Thursday morning.

"We've been talking about it for a very long time. We're best friends, and her husband kind of pushed us for it, and we thought why not just to have fun," she said.

It's a trip to celebrate their birthdays this month. But the party will be a bit delayed.

"Depressed. But it happens. It is what it is," Broesder said.

There's an even bigger celebration that can't be held up.

"We're actually going to Tucson, Arizona for a wedding," Lisa Uhlir said.

She's traveling with a group of nine people to the event on Saturday.

"One of them is the brother of the bride, and I'm doing design work for her, so it's a little bit of a mystery as to how we can get there when the roads are iced up," Uhlir said.

She said flights are so full, her airline told her she won't be able to get out for two or three days.

"We're all kind of shrugging our shoulders on not quite sure what we should do. The bride of course is like a family member to us, so we want to be there for her," she said. "But unfortunately, we're not certain if we really will be able to make it to the wedding in time."

Many kids were out of school because of the weather. But some girls at the airport had the day off planned for a while.

"We have a gymnastics meet," Kiah Boetel said.

It's their only meet of the year they get to fly to.

"It's a slight chance that we will. We don't really know," Rylee Bomgaars said.

Even though they're all hoping to get out of town, they understand things like this happen.

"The reality of this is we live in South Dakota," Uhlir said.

"I'm still on vacation," Sonia Tjepkes said, who is Sharol's best friend.

"Well you gotta laugh about it. You know, what else to do," Broesder said.

The best friends leaving for Hawaii are scheduled to get on a flight Friday morning at 6:00 AM. The girls who had the gymnastics meet weren't sure if they would get there in time.