Trolley rental business to launch in Aberdeen

ABERDEEN, S.D. (AP) - The streets of Aberdeen can expect to see the return of a century-old transit service as a business owner plans to launch a private trolley rental company in the area.

The Aberdeen American News reports that hunting lodge owner Dave Usselman bought his fourth used trolley from the city of Deadwood last month. Now, he's getting ready to turn the trolleys into a full-service business in Aberdeen called Big Star Trolley Co.

Usselman has five drivers lined up, and he's obtained an alcohol license. He's settling a few expectations with the Aberdeen Police Department, including maximum capacity standards and whether underage people can be present on a trolley if others are consuming alcohol.

Usselman envisions marketing the trolleys for food tours, weddings, group parties and even road trips.

He plans to be in operation within the next month.

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