Truck drivers stuck at Sioux Falls rest stops waiting for interstate to reopen

Sioux Falls, S.D. (KSFY) - Count truck drivers among the many groups of people who are being affected by the April storm and the interstate closures it created.

Dozens of drivers were stranded at a truck stop in Sioux Falls waiting for the interstates to reopen so they can hit the road.

One of those truckers is Jeff Mitchell.

He’s from Tuscon, Arizona and said he has been stuck in Sioux Falls since late Wednesday night.

He said he’s never seen weather like this before and driving an 18-wheeler in it, puts his driving abilities to the test.

“With snow and ice and the wind blowing, it’s quite an experience,” truck driver Jeff Mitchell said. “It’s been kind of rough with the rolling black out because the truck stop has been shut down basically. We can’t get in to get any food or anything, but we have plenty with us. We were well prepared.”

Mitchell said they're continuously checking the internet to see when I-90 will open up to traffic again. He said if his wheels aren't rolling then he's not making any money.