Twins announce new policies to improve fan ingress at Target Field

The Minnesota Twins have announced changes aimed at making it easier to get in to Target Field.

One change takes effect immediately, the other will begin next month, according to a press released issued by the organization on Thursday.

Beginning June 11, fans will be able to enter Target Field without emptying their pockets.

Starting on July 5, only single-compartment (i.e. tote) bags, purses, clutch purses, clear bags, drawstring bags, diaper bags and medically-necessary items will be allowed in the ballpark.

Team officials say the changes will improve ingress into Target field while making safety procedures more efficient.

The following is a more detailed breakdown of the changes:

Hold Your Phone (Beginning June 11)

Starting with the Twins-Seattle Mariners game on Tuesday, June 11, fans can keep personal items (cell phone, keys, wallet, etc.) in their pockets while going through security at all Target Field gates. Target Field magnetometers have been updated to recognize such common items, while still detecting firearms and other larger metal objects. This magnetometer detection setting has been successfully implemented at other professional sports facilities nationwide, and meets Major League Baseball’s Best Stadium Operating Procedures.

New Bag Policy (Beginning July 5)

The Twins will continue to have a fan-friendly bag policy; however, now with new restrictions that significantly reduce time required for security staff to check each bag and, subsequently, time spent by fans in line. Beginning with the Twins-Texas Rangers game on Friday, July 5, the club will move to a single-compartment bag policy (i.e., tote bags). Specifically:

Permitted at All Gates
(Maximum Size: 16”x16”x8”; Those 9”x5” or Under Qualify for No-Bag “Express” Lanes)
Drawstring Bags
Clutch Purses
Diaper Bags
Single-compartment (Tote) Bags
Single-compartment, Soft-sided Coolers
Clear Bags Medically-necessary Items

Not Permitted
Duffel Bags
Multi-compartment Laptop Bags
Any bags larger than 16”x16”x8”