Twins home runs help Boys and Girls Club

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The Owner of two McDonald's in Aberdeen is swinging for the fences. Every time the Twins hit a home run, he's giving back.

There have been 224 home runs the Minnesota Twins have hit this year.

"We have got some teenage kids in the teen center that have been keeping track of the home runs, so it gives them a little bit of excitement, it gives them something to check on everyday," said Bryan Kriech, Resource Development Director at The Boys and Girls Club in Aberdeen.

The Owner of the two McDonald's in Aberdeen is donating $10 for every home run, and $50 for every grand slam the twins hit during the regular season.

"All funds that are raised will go towards our operational expenses, so replacing basketballs, baseballs, gloves, jerseys, that kind of thing. But also to advance the club programming, field trips, and all the great things that we're doing," Kriech said.

This has given many of the kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Aberdeen a very good reason to pay close attention to the Twins.

"I think that's cool because they usually hit home runs so the club gets a lot of money donated to them," Carsen Hofland, kid that goes to the Boys and Girls Club.

"Hopefully they keep on winning, hit home runs, hit dingers, so we can get more money for the club," said Aeden Jepsen, a Twins fan who goes to the Boys and Girls Club in Aberdeen.

Even people who don't normally watch the Twins regularly are now tuned in.

"I can watch the Minnesota Twins once in a while and say 'Hey McDonalds, here we go,'" said Sharon Ferguson.

As the baseball season comes to an end, the kids at the Boys and Girls Club have a lot of ideas where they would like to see the money go.

"A new PS4 for the teen center," said Cole Crandall, a kid who attends the Boys and Girls Club.

"They can maybe use it for getting more food, maybe more basketballs and stuff in the gym," said Greydan Hoag.

So far more than $2,200 dollars has been raised for the Boys and Girls Club of Aberdeen.

The Twins still have another 48 games left in the regular season.