Two Californians arrested on prostitution charges in Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Police say two people from California have been arrested in Sioux Falls on prostitution charges.

Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said Street Crimes officers received a tip Monday around 6 p.m. about possible prostitution taking place at a hotel on the southwest side of the city.

A hotel employee noticed men were coming and going from the apartment and not staying long.

Clemens said officers found an online advertisement for "some sexual contact."

They spoke with the woman inside the room who told police she was working with the man outside the hotel in a minivan, Clemens said.

The man had brought the woman to the hotel and rented the room, Clemens said. Meth was found in the minivan.

Officers arrested 50-year-old Victor M. Luo of San Jose, California, for pimping, aiding in prostitution and possession of a controlled substance.

Officers also arrested 49-year-old Fang Zhao of Concord, California, for prostitution.