Two Clark teens chosen to sing at Sydney Opera House this summer

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CLARK, S.D. Around 250 high school choir singers from around the world will come together this summer at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia. This includes two ninth graders from Clark who met at church ten years ago.

Singing is a passion for close friends Grace Adam and Sarah Weisbrod.

"I really like singing. It's a part of me if that doesn't sound too cheesy, but I've been taking voice lessons from my voice teacher Becky Kleinsasser for about 7 years now," Adam said.

"I tried out for a play, a musical in our school and that's kinda where I gathered my confidence to sing. Like I always enjoyed singing, but I never did it because I thought I was bad, so when I got that part I had the confidence and ever since I've never stopped singing," Weisbrod said.

The two were picked from 18,000 other applicants, so sharing this once-in-a-lifetime experience with one another is a blessing.

"It can't be put into words. It's amazing," Weisbrod said. "Not only that we can do this, but we can do it together out of all the kids that two from tiny little Clark, South Dakota and from the same church get to go."

Sarah sang at Carnegie Hall two years ago with the 2018 High School Honors Performance Series, but Grace has never been on a stage this big.

"But at the same time, this is just such a God thing that I can't help but feel it was meant to be because God just put it all together," Adam said. "He arranged all of this to happen the way it's happening."

Applying for the program was simple. The two had to fill out an application and send in a recording of them singing. Grace submitted two songs - one in French and one in Italian. Sarah went with the "Star Spangled Banner" for her audition.

The performance series will start on July 18, but the two are heading out/staying later to sightsee and hang out with family friends.