Two Sioux Falls women qualify for 'Crew 52' at Super Bowl LII

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Two Sioux Falls women are preparing tonight for what they call the experience of a lifetime.

Of the thousands of people who applied they both made it through the process and say they still can't believe it.

Mary Moffett is pretty excited. "It's a once in a lifetime opportunity." Mary is a big football fan; she cheers for the Bears.
But she is awfully excited these days about the Minnesota Vikings...and in particular where they plan their games....the new U-S Bank stadium. "It's just exciting. Just a good experience. No matter who plays it is still going to be exciting."

A few months back, Mary applied online to become a part of 'Crew 52', the team of volunteers who will work to make Super Bowl 52 at U-S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis a success.
She aced the interview and the background check and now...she's part of the team
So is Rose Rhead....also from Sioux Falls. "When you get the call its just like 'oh my gosh, I can't believe i am actually going to do this.' I went to every office in my office and said I'm going to be outside of the Super Bowl." Rose tells us this isn't just something she applied for on a whim.
It's something she really wanted to do.
And the fact that it has happened....well...she's just amazed. "Who knows when the Super Bowl will be back in Minneapolis?"

Super Bowl 52 is a little more than 12 weeks away on February 4th
But already Rose is thinking about February 3rd. "I don't know if i will be able to sleep the night before. It's just going to's just going to be everything you could imagine."

Both Mary and Rose are headed to Minneapolis this weekend for some volunteer orientation events as they get ready for the big game!