Two people confirmed dead after house fire near Tolstoy

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A fire broke out Saturday morning in the town old Tolstoy.

"What we know of is, at this time, an accidental fire that did claim two lives of the residents on that place," said Todd Holtz.

The Edmunds County Sheriff's Department was dispatched just after 7 in the morning.

"The South Dakota State Fire Marshall was has been out to the scene on the day of the fire and was investigating," said Holtz.

Once the fire was put out, the people inside the home at the time became priority number one.

"The bodies that were found were sent down to Sioux Falls," Holtz said.

In Sioux Falls an autopsy will be conducted.

"That will tell us cause of death and get the positive identification of those two individuals," said Kyle Couchey, Edmunds County Coroner and Chief Deputy.

Now the focus shifts to wrapping up the case. Investigators believe the fire started in a wall mounted heater.

"We don't believe that there's anything malicious involved or any ill intent, that this was just an accidental fire," said Holtz.

Most importantly, the family and community can start the healing process.

"This is pretty difficult to deal with when we're such a small county and very tight knit communities, and we know everybody quite well," said Holtz.

Family members of the people living in the house say that the house has been in the family for multiple decades.