Two recipients get surprise of a lifetime

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Two members of the community received the surprise of a lifetime Tuesday morning that will improve their everyday lives -- from their health to social interactions.

They will undergo dental implant restoration, which will help restore their confidence and their smiles.

Misty Hulstein and Taner Reister had no idea when they woke up Tuesday morning that they would receive life-changing news from Siouxland Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Sioux Falls.

"You don't really realize what it's like not to be able to have nice teeth until you really have bad teeth," said Misty.

"I've always been a really energetic, smiley person and in the last decade I've really become a lot more reserved. I had to talk with a closed mouth," said Taner.

The often excruciating pain they've endured for years and self-consciousness will be wiped away through the 'Second Chance Program.'

"We want to help a person in our community that needs to restore their smile but can't afford to do it. The 'Second Chance Program' offers one recipient the opportunity to restore the health and function of their mouth through full arch restoration with dental implants at no cost," said Dr. Louis George from Siuoxland Oral Surgery in a video asking for applicants.

When Tanner and Misty first saw the video, they thought this must be too good to be true but applied anyways.

"Just excited beyond belief. I'm not a crier and I teared up a little bit," said Taner.

"My daughter, she's 13 -- she loves taking selfies and now she's going to be able to take selfies with me with and smile instead of not a smile," said Misty.

More than 100 applicants applied for the 'Second Chance Program.'