Two referred laws on ballot for South Dakota voters

ABERDEEN, S.D. Among the 10 ballot measures that South Dakota voters will decide on are two "referred laws" put on the ballot by one Aberdeen man.

Referred law 20 focuses on the minimum wage for employees under the age of 18. Instead of keeping the minimum wage at $8.55, like it is now, youth will receive $7.50 per hour if the law is passed. Republicans believe it should be about getting a job at a young age instead of making money.

"So the employers are willing to take a risk on that young person and give them that first step of opportunity," explains Representative Al Novstrop.

Democrats, on the other hand, believe it's unfair to discriminate against the youth because of their age.

"It's unfair to kids. It takes money out of their pockets that they're working to earn, that they're sacrificing," says candidate Cory Heidelberger.

Referred law 19 is another ballot measure that's almost flying under the radar to voters. With the measure, it changes the way political parties gather signatures to run on the ballot.

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