U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black shares message in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls, SD (KSFY) For the past 14 years, Barry Black has served as Chaplain for the United States Senate.

This weekend the chaplain and prominent author is in Sioux Falls sharing a special message at Central Church.

“One of my goals is to get to all of the states, and I’ve never been to South Dakota before, so I was just eager to see South Dakota,” Black said.

He came at the invitation of Central Church Pastor Jeff Wheeler who met the Senate chaplain while serving as chaplain for the day in Washington back in 2015.

“So impressed with his spiritual leadership and knowledge of God’s word, we have to get him to Central to come and preach. He already has a relationship with John Thune, so that made it a little easier to work with him,” Pastor Wheeler said.

Chaplain Black says Senator Thune is a regular at his weekly bible study for senators.

“I will tell you that is hands down the best use of time in my week is to have the opportunity to gather with a small group of senators, Republicans and Democrats and to study the Bible with Chaplain Black,” Senator Thune said.

“Every week they come together, we begin the bible study with a prayer, close the bible study with a prayer…they often join hands together at the prayer breakfast,” Chaplain Black said.

It’s the kind of unity the chaplain works to inspire in the Senate and around the nation.

“I think that unity brings power,” Black said. “I think that unity is God's ideal for his people…we limit our accomplishments when we're divided.”

“Chaplain Black has been influential in bringing some racial harmony in places of discrimination,” Wheeler said. “We hope his message will really encourage our people as he goes around and encourages the nation to put God first and politics second.”

Black says his goal is to remind people of faith where their focus should be.\

“There are a lot of people that are very intimidated by the things that are going on in the nation and the world around us and I want to remind them to overcome spiritual amnesia, forgetting how powerful our God is, forgetting what he has accomplished.”

Chaplain Black shared his first message at Central Church Saturday night.

He will share two more messages Sunday morning at Central Church’s 9 & 10:30 services in Sioux Falls.