USF reboots 'Bridges' program to give new residents workforce skills

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - A University of Sioux Falls program aimed at helping people new to the community gain work-force skills is off to a promising start.

The "Bridges" program was originally provided by Kilian Community College, which closed down last year.

Now, USF has stepped up to the plate and taken over the program.

While it helps educate people on a variety of work skills, its main goal is to help newcomers, like refugees and immigrants, adapt to working and living here.

"We know that it's absolutely critical that people have to have employability skills to access gainful employment and contribute in meaningful ways to the community, its economy, and its culture," USF President Brett Bradfield said in a news conference Thursday.

USF officials said enrollment in the Bridges program has started out strong with 65 students taking part this semester.