Undefeated Sioux Falls 6-year-old triathlete wins National Youth Championship title

In the world of competitive triathlons, there is one young lady from Sioux Falls you need to know about.

With 23 triathlons down, Evelyn DeGeest kept up her undefeated streak after she competed in the National Youth Triathlon Championship in West Chester, Ohio. Friday morning, she competed in the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Youth Triathlon at Keuhn Park, Friday morning, and continues to impress.

Did we mention, she's 6 years-old.

With every swim, bike and run, Evelyn DeGeest is one to watch.

"You're racing against other people and they're racing against you too," Triathlete Evelyn DeGeest said.

Competing Friday morning in Sioux Falls, Evelyn is fresh off a national championship win for her age group, last Sunday.

"We were thrilled she'd be able to accomplish that. Nationals is a hard race, competing against the best in the nation. We weren't expecting she'd get 1st. We were so proud of her," Evelyn's mom Alicia DeGeest said.

She's been training for just over two years. Mom Alicia DeGeest said Evelyn is a natural.

"We got her started, she picked up on everything so quickly. She's very competitive, she was right in there swimming, running next to them. She did her first races and was undefeated ever since," Alicia said.

They know there is a lot to a youth triathlon.

"You've gotta know your race course, know what to do in both transitions, set up your own transitions, work on swim technique, bike and running. She takes it in really well," Alicia said.

At the end of the day, Alicia and her husband want to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for their children.

"I think youth triathlons is an excellent way to keep kids healthy. It's a positive environment, sport they can do all their life, scholarship in it, it's an endurance sport and prepares you for other sports they want to get involved in throughout the years," she said.

Evelyn trains three days a week with the Sanford Youth Triathlon Club and USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified Coach Kathy Grady. Evelyn won that youth title with a time of 25:28 for a 100-meter swim, 5K bike and 1K run.

Friday morning, she didn't win first place. Evelyn was beat by her two older brothers Ethan, 11, and Emmett, 9.