United States' only flourless bakery is just outside Brookings

(KSFY) - It's a farm in rural Brookings County that is like no other. Bizzy Lizzy Flourless Bakery is the only in the country to not use flour in its products.

"Bizzy Lizzy started about 10 years ago in Michigan and it was really designed to get my son to eat breakfast. He would always get ear infections and strep throat. Our guts are so important to our overall health. We don't always think about what we put into our stomach," owner Sheila Rae said.

Her idea was to create a flourless cookie. It worked. Her son started eating, she says his illnesses went away and her business began, but not without the doubters.

"You can't have a flourless bakery, I was told more than once," she said.

She proved them all wrong, and she is now back on the farm she grew up on about 10 miles east of Brookings. That's where her bakery has been since 2010.

Her cookies, muffins, brownies and even pizzas are made with high-quality regular oats.

"People will say 'oh it's for those people,' meaning those with Celiac Disease, but it's not, it's for the rest of us who shouldn't be putting bleach in our diets," she said.

Sheila says she used to make bread with flour all the time, in fact she even taught others to do so. Ever since she started baking with oats though, the flour is history.

"People like that we are a family owned business, that we buy local, we grow a lot of our products, and what we don't grow is grown close to here," she said.

Bizzy Lizzy products can be found in Hy-Vee stores across the Upper Midwest.

For more on her company, check out the attached website. You can also buy her products online.