University of Sioux Falls hosts academic talk on 'Hamilton'

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Students, faculty and members of the community gathered Thursday at the University of Sioux Falls to learn about liberal arts.

Dr. Stephen Jackson led the study and used the Broadway play "Hamilton" as an example of what liberal arts looks like when it is applied.

Jackson said "Hamilton" is a great example of mixing together literature, history and theater, and that this is a practice that can make a big difference when applied to other aspects of life.

"They can use that when fused with their creativity and passion, they can honestly answer these really big questions for themselves and hopefully make the world a little bit better, more empathetic, and understanding," Dr. Stephen Jackson, assistant professor of history, said.

The discussion is through the LAR Colloquium, which was established at USF 16 years ago to provide a unique two-semester sequence for freshmen.