Vehicle and storage thefts increase during Spring

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It's a great time to do some Spring cleaning, and story away the Winter items you don't need for the next several months, but it's also the time of year thieves are more likely to steal your items.

Property stolen from cars and storage units are always a concern for the police.

"If there's a weapon inside, if that firearm or weapon were to be stolen and used in a crime somewhere else, that's obviously a high priority for us," said Aberdeen Police Sergeant Tanner Jondahl.

There are a few items, other than weapons that leave police particularly concerned.

"A lot of money or electronics of some kind that are taken, those certainly give us something important to look at," Jndahl said.

Cars are one of the more common targets for thieves, although not locking your storage unit at all is the easiest way for thieves to gain access to your personal belongings. The best way to protect your items, is changing the standard lock that most storage units provide, and using your own.

"Most storage units have kind of a barrel key lock, we definitely recommend having something more than that," Jondahl said.

"In the community we live in it doesn't seem to be a problem," said Chris Gross, the owner of West 12 Storage in Aberdeen.

Chris Gross owns hundreds of storage units, theft has never been much of an issue for him.

"There's been theft once in a great while in all the years that we've been here," Gross said.

But, it's not a big concern of his.

"I don't think we need to make any changes, things are going really well here, it's safe, there's security lighting, so we don't seem to have any problems," Gross said.

While thefts aren't on the rise, Aberdeen Police want people to remain vigilant and take the steps necessary to protect themselves and their belongings.

"Keep anything of value out of your vehicle at night, and just take that extra measure to protect yourself and be prepared," Jondahl said.

Storage units are a popular place for thieves to hit because most people don't check them everyday, so by the time people realize their items are taken, it may be too late to do anything.

The Aberdeen Police Department also suggests not storing expensive valuables in your car or storage unit, but to keep them inside of your home.