Vermillion Area Robotics Club sends five teams to World Championships

The World Robotics Championships are in Louisville, Kentucky the end of April. Some robotics participants from South Dakota have made it to the big competition.

The kids build robots, their robot does a task, and the kids are interviewed about their design and procedure. They also conduct a research program about robotics in the real world. For example, one of the middle school teams is looking at robots in nursing homes. What are the needs of the folks in those homes and how would they best be able to interact with the robots?

There are several teams within the club, and they compete in two very different types of games. These teams range in age from elementary to high school. There is a ‘metals’ team that operates at the high school and middle school levels.

The Vermillion high school team at one point had the highest score in the world and the middle school ranks top 10 in the world for the ‘skills’ challenge. Additionally, there is a ‘plastics’ team that operates at the middle school and elementary level.

The team is in need of more funds to make the trip to Kentucky. A GoFundMe page has been set up. The link is attached to this story in "Related Links" to the right on a computer or scroll to the bottom of this story on a phone or tablet.

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