Vermillion, Yankton among communities still digging out from blizzard

(KSFY) - The snow is no longer falling, but many communities across the KSFY viewing area were still cleaning up the mess Tuesday from a blizzard that began Sunday night.

Clean-up is going to be ongoing for the next couple of days in communities like Vermillion and Yankton as this was their first big storm of the season.

"We started in the back and now we're up here trying to help our roommate shovel her car out," Ashley Fritz said.

University of South Dakota students Ashley Fritz and Ali Leonard gave up on digging out their own cars.

"It's still stuck right now," Leonard said. "I gave up on it and came to help them for the moment."

And the woman did not even try to drive to campus.

"We had class today and we had to walk," Leonard said.

The sidewalks were not even cleared yet.

"I sat in class with wet feet," Fritz said.

And they said they knew the storm was coming, but said the biggest snowfall totals usually miss them.

"We watch the weather a lot so they they said about 12 to 18 inches so usually that doesn't happen," Leonard said.

"So that's why didn't expect this much, I thought that it would just be kind of blown out of proportion and then we'd get like nothing," Fritz said.

In Yankton, crews expect to be working for several days to get all of the streets cleared.

"There's cars that don't get off the street, people who disregard -- they push snow out into the street, so we'll easily be scraping and pushing back intersections 'till Friday for sure," Yankton street supervisor Levi Rhode said.

The best way people who live their can help?

"I know everyone hears it, but can't say it enough -- stay home," he said. "There's no reason for anyone to be out in less it's an emergency. If you're hungry I'm sure you have ramen noodles, you don't have to go to the store."

Both communities had school delays Tuesday morning, but everything is back on schedule for the rest of the week.