Veterans Treatment Court holds commencement ceremony

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The Second Circuit Veterans Treatment Court held a commencement ceremony Wednesday to celebrate the life-changing decisions of the nation's heroes.

Veterans Court is a voluntary program, which includes regular appearances before the Veterans Court judge, drug testing, counseling and educational classes.

Anthony Carver, who left the military in 2012, said he dealt with PTSD following his service and fell into substance abuse. He has even written a book about his experience.

Carver said this program is life changing and potentially life saving.

"I'd be either dead or in prison, absolutely," he said. "Veterans Court has given me the time it took to actually see what it's like to live my life in sobriety."

The Veterans Court team is all volunteers who donate their time to offer help and counseling to those who have served their country.