Visiting Kenyan artist depicts where he grew up through art

A Kenyan artist visited Sioux Falls to illustrate his perspective of the slums where he grew up.

Adam Masava is a self-taught artist. He's visiting the United States to show how much potential can come from seemingly nothing. His art resembles life in the slums but as the pictures illustrate, there is a lot of positivity that can come from a tough area.

"When you go somewhere and introduce yourself as a person who grew up in the slum thinking you're a thief or a junkie, all this sorts of bad things, but maybe you're a graduate, you're a good person, you are a wholish person," Masava said. "If I show the positive side, if I show how good it is then people can start understanding," he said.

Masava says he is one of many examples to emerge from his area with success. His brothers have represented Kenya's national soccer teams at different age groups and other natives from the slum have seen educational and athletic success.

This is Masava's first time visiting the United States. He’s in South Dakota following an art show last week supporting the Seeds of Change Foundation in Washington, D.C, where he brought 31 original paintings from Africa. Seeds of Change, founded in 2014 by the Broin Family of POET, is a non-profit supporting education, agriculture and the environment in Kenya and beyond.

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