Waiting list growing at auto shops due to cold weather

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The cold weather has been taking a toll on cars, and it is keeping mechanics very busy.

"We're probably about a week behind right now," Don's Auto owner Fred Dirkson said.

If a car breaks down this week, it may take awhile to get it car into a shop.

The cold has knocked out batteries, starters and alternators in a lot of cars, and the waiting list to get anything fixed continues to grow.

Mechanics said the best thing drivers can do is take steps to prevent a problem from happening in the first place.

"Preventable maintenance is the best thing," Dirkson said. "You'll keep your real light winter weight oils, keep your battery tested -- some batteries you can test the fluid and make sure its good and connections are clean. If you have a garage or a block heater, make sure the car is in the garage and plug it in."

It is also a good idea to have a friend on hand that can give you a ride should your car break down.