Watertown boy donates 176 presents to Sanford Children's Hospital

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An 11-year-old from Watertown is fixing to be Santa's favorite helper this holiday season after raising enough money to donate 176 presents to Sanford Children's Hospital.

Four years ago, Nolan Adams and his family were driving to Sioux City to visit his grandma when an advertisement caught his ear on the radio.

"An advertisement came on the radio about the Children's Hospital," Jason Adams, Nolan's dad said.

"So I asked my mom and dad, 'How many gifts do the kids in the Children's Hospital get?'" Nolan Adams said. "And they're like, 'Not really as much you.'"

So Nolan decided to take things into his own hands ...

"He wanted to get a couple presents for the kids here staying here in the hospital so they could have some presents for Christmas," said Jason Adams. "So we went and grabbed some at a store here in town."

"I got a toy truck and a stuffed animal frog," Nolan Adams said.

"[We] brought them over here and dropped them off for him," Jason Adams said.

That first year started with just two gifts the Adams family picked up themselves, but "Nolan's Project" has taken off since then.

"The next year I think we had 50 presents or so and last year we had 75," said Jason Adams said.

This year ...
"176 gifts that we brought here today," Nolan Adams said.

Nolan said these kids should not have to think about the battles they're facing this time of the year.

"I want them to forget about what's gonna happen next and I just want them forget about all that and live a normal happy life," Nolan Adams said.

He said the Christmas season is a time to do something special for others.

"It's really heartwarming and it makes me feel good about myself and me and my grandma say, 'It's better to give than receive,'" Nolan Adams said.

"He says he wants to do it forever, so as long as we're alive, we'll help him," Trisha Adams, Nolan's mom, said.

Nolan was able to hand out presents to two children who are spending the holiday in the hospital, as well as one of their siblings.

To help Nolan's project, you can call 1-605-520-0463.