Watertown leaders discuss the Urban Renewal Plan

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More changes could be coming to the Watertown community.

"There is no park downtown right now," Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron said.

Watertown city leaders are exploring options for the Urban Renewal Plan.

"The Urban Renewal plan was first adopted in 1981 and we are considering revising it at our City Council meeting Monday night," Caron said.

The Watertown Urban Renewal Plan will receive plenty of attention from City Council Members.

"There's a good chance we're looking at making it all seasons, so there's a good chance there will be an ice rink involved with it too, which that'll be neat in the Winter, but then also a splash pad in the summer for the kids. It's just a free area where we can get a better sense of community," Michael Heuer, the Watertown Ward C City Council Member said.

The plan will beautify much of downtown, and give people another reason to bring their families to the area.

"There is no place where a large group of people can gather so this would provide that," Mayor Caron said.

The plan will also add to the continued growth of the city.

"We have a lot of businesses that have moved down here recently, and so we have momentum at the moment so it's a good time to start looking at what are these projects we've talked about for a long time, and how can we start making them move forward," Heuer said.

City Council Members, and Mayor Sarah Caron know there is some push back, but they are making sure people aren't worried about how expensive the project may be.

"If we don't spend the money, the city doesn't get this thing going by 2021, there's a refund that's written into the resolution so that any money tht's been assessed is going to go back to the businesses," Heuer said.

Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron believes this area can be used for many different events if approved by the council.