Watertown officials eye water levels after snowstorm

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WATERTOWN, S.D. Watertown was one of the hardest hit areas during last week's spring snow storm.

Now- residents and county officials are looking to finally move into the spring season.

The massive snow piles like the one behind me were almost all gone in Watertown-- but this most recent snow storm changed that. County officials and residents are all looking forward to spring after having to dig themselves out once again.

Residents in Codington County had a tough time after being hit with more than 20 inches of snow last week.

"I had to basically put the truck in four wheel and just kind of go backwards and plow my way out," said Tanizha berg, Watertown resident.

Vehicles were stuck in the snow and travel was almost non-existent throughout Watertown and the surrounding areas.

"It was like a ghost town a little bit, you just saw a few trucks go by, occasionally a little car that you were like okay what are you doing, you should be at home," Berg said.

Berg was able to make it into work during the storm-- but many people had to stay home.

"It was only the larger four wheel drive vehicles that could get around," said Codington County Emergency Management Director Jim Sutton.

Berg said it was really frustrating because she thought spring had finally sprung.

"I dug out all my lawn furniture, my grill, everything I had out on my deck, just to see it piled with snow," Berg said.

Emergency Management Director Jim Sutton tells me the county will do what they can to make sure flooding is kept to a minimum.

"What we're doing now is monitoring the river levels, watching the weather to see if it's going to be warm, or whether we're going to get more precipitation like they forecast for Wednesday and Thursday," Sutton said.

Residents, and county officials are all hoping this is the end of the snow-- and they can finally get into the spring weather.

The biggest concern for the emergency management department is the water level of the two major lakes here in the county.