Ways to prepare your home from the freezing weather

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - With below zero temperatures expected all weekend, now is the time to make sure your home is ready to handle the extreme cold. Sales are heating up at home and hardware stores as people prepare for the chilly end to 2017.

"We're kinda planning on the next 3-4 days we're not really having above 0 temperatures to see a lot more of heaters and also hats, gloves, hand-warmers.. things when you're outside moving the snow to help keep you warmed up," Nyberg's Ace Downtown Store Manager Zane Hoffelt said.

Portable heaters are the popular pick for small offices and homes, but remember some safety tips before turning on the heat.

"Make sure you keep things away from them, keep kids away, you're not laying stuff on top of them, sheets or anything that's getting next to them. It turns into a fire hazard. Make sure if it tips over that it actually shuts off," Howe Inc. Service Manager Greg Lorenzen said.

Window and door insulation are key to keeping the heat inside.

"With the windows, we have insulation kits which is kind of the plastic film that you can put around the window and shrink it up. We also have door and window seals, kinda fills the gaps. Typically on the older homes, you have a lot of gaps in your windows. It just kinda fills that up, stops the drafts from coming in," Hoffelt said.

But, carbon monoxide can become a problem if you plan on staying in from the cold.

"If you've got a CO2 problem, it builds up in house and that's when problems occur," Lorenzen said. "Biggest deal is to make sure you've always got a CO2 detector that works in the house and is operational."

One thing experts recommend to keep your pipes from freezing is opening up your cupboards to allow heat in. Another is letting your faucet run to keep pipes active. If your pipes do freeze, you can use a hair dryer to unthaw them and prevent them from breaking.