Wet weather causes delay for harvest season for farmers

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Reid Jensen is the District 1 board of Director with the South Dakota Farm Bureau. He farms corn and soybeans in the Beresford, Vermillion and Elk Point area. He also raises cattle.

He said not only has the recent rain made it tough for him to harvest, but the constant moisture the past couple of weeks has not made things any easier. The past couple of years have been hard with all the moisture that has hit the fields as well.

Even though it is supposed to dry up after Wednesday, Jensen said he still won't be able to get into the field until the middle of next week because it's just too wet. There's concern right now that if it gets too windy, the cornstalks can break. If the temperatures drop too low, then the beans can pop out of the pods, which can be problematic.

He said farmers are also thinking about next year's crop when timing it out to go in the fields. They don't want to tear up the fields or it can cause issues for the next planting and harvest.

Not only is there concern for the fields, but there is also some worry about the stress this weather can cause on livestock, especially cattle. Things can get muddy, and Jensen said it's just not ideal weather to wean a calf from the cow.