What are the beauty trends this holiday season?

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The owner of Chevron Salon in Sioux Falls and one of her estheticians in the salon talked about hair and makeup trends for the holiday season on KSFY Morning News Tuesday. The owner of Chevron Salon, Tiffany Johnson, said the braid is a big trend when it comes to hair. She said her clients ask her often about how to incorporate a braid into their hair for a special occasion. She gave an example of how to complete that look at home.

Another question she said that she gets often is how to do a beach wave. Johnson said people can achieve this look by "waxing" their hair ahead of time by spraying it, then using a curling iron on it. She gave some good tips on how to get the look and doing it in 15 minutes.

Kaylynn Slavik is a makeup artist in Sioux Falls who said the metallic look is a hot makeup trend for the holiday season complete with a bold lip. She said you don't need to start from scratch when it comes to turning your face into a metallic look. She gave suggestions on how to turn your everyday look into a night look. She added metallic eyeliner and then used a bold lip color like a berry or holiday red.

Slavik also said dewy skin is a hot trend even though people try to achieve that in the summer rather than the winter. She said people are wanting to get more of a glimmer or shine to their face. She suggested using a highlighter and a setting spray after your make up is all done.

All of the videos in this article give a tutorial on how to achieve each trend talked about in this article.