What's next for flooding victims in Ellendale?

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"Yeah what a mess, I tell you, you figure a little old lady loses all of the sheetrock in her basement, plus her furnace, plus her freezer, washer, dryer, thats a huge hit for anybody," said Charlie Russell, the 911 Coordinator.

Ellendale, North Dakota got hit with quite a bit of rain on July 15th, and the recovery efforts continue nearly a month later.

"The streets flooded, the backyard flooded and the sewer popped for some reason," said Theresa Kassa.

Many neighbors don't have flood insurance or enough money to cover the repair costs, so the city says its doing what it can to help.

"Charlie Russell, our 911 ccoordinator is working on some stuff through the state to see if we can get some assistance," Kassa said.

Russell is in charge of knowing what the city can afford and what other resources to go to for help.

"It's like any small town, you know, limited funding and limited they can do," Russell said.

Top Notch Repair is a company in Ellendale that has been working from day one to get people back in their homes - but Russell wants to make sure they don't have to do it all themselves.

"We've been working with the Volunteer Organization Active and Disasters, the V.O.A.D. They should be out here next week, we're passing out the information for them to get appointments," said Russell.

With the help from the city, V.O.A.D., top notch repair, and each other, Ellendale looks to put this disaster behind them and learn ways to avoid problems moving forward.