Wildfires in Canada are creating smoky conditions across the region

If you look up you may notice a few clouds but the rest of the hazy looking areas is due to smoke.

The source of the evident haze in Sioux Falls and throughout the region is smoke from wildfires currently burning in Canada, the National Weather Service Sioux Falls explains on social media today.

Western Canada is dealing with extremely dangerous fire conditions, mainly in the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, according to Canada's Wildfire Information System. The Chuckegg Creek wildfire, which on Wednesday, was covering 370,658 acres.

States across the northern border including Idaho, Washington, Montana, and North Dakota have also seen hazy skies in recent days. Thursday afternoon, the haziness is apparent in South Dakota and Minnesota.

Here in the region, the smoke is expected to stick around today, and it could be thick at times the National Weather Service Sioux Falls explained on its Twitter page.