Winning driver can take the track in the 'The Race' at Huset's Speedway

Huset's Speedway owner's Chuck Brennan's latest attempt to sell the track will be called, simply, "The Race".

It's scheduled to take place on Tuesday August 13th, just a couple of days after the Knoxville Nationals.

Even though it's the second year without racing at Huset's, Brennan says the track has been well maintained and is ready to go.

"The Race" will be a 410 sprint car race, with the winner getting a choice of getting the track, or a$ 3.6 million dollar cash option, which is would be the highest payout in all forms of U.S. racing history.

To give you a comparison, the Indy 500 had a $2.6 million dollar payout.

Drivers need to submit a non-refundable 200-thousand dollar entry fee.

In order for the race to take place, at least 18 drivers must sign up, with a limit of 36. They have up to a week before the race to get registered.

Brennan told KSFY News he thinks this event is going to happen. He says there's just too much on the line to pass up. And he has advice for the winner.

"Obviously the smart move would be to take the track, and then flip it to somebody. We've had several offers on the track that we haven't been able to take. So somebody could definitely take it, sell it to an interested party for well more than the $3.6 million. But if they wanted to take the 3.6 million, it's a big prize, they're more than happy to take it and go. And then we would probably negotiate one of those smaller deals with the track. But up to this point, we've turned some of those smaller deals down," says Brennan.

One driver has already signed up, in California racer Cory Eliason. Brennan says if they don't get the 18 cars, the race won't happen. But he says there's a lot of interest, and he expects to have more signed up soon.