Winter storm aftermath strands travelers in Rapid City

With the winter storm coming to an end some travelers in Rapid City are still waiting for their flights to head back home.

MGN PHOTO: Snow-covered trees after a blizzard in Upstate NY

Meredith James went to the Hotel Alex Johnson to talk with some of those stranded travelers.

"We got snowed in" said traveler Connie Faciane.

A statement we got from several.. after snow drifts, high winds, and ice took over the streets of Rapid City. With the airport turning people away and canceling flights for part of the day. Travelers had no choice but to sit and wait it out.

"I came in on Tuesday and was supposed to fly out early this morning and I got the call yesterday, everything's canceled. I'll be traveling home hopefully tomorrow," said traveler Pamela Nealy.

For one family visiting from Florida, despite being stuck in Rapid City longer than they planned, they aren't used to seeing snow so they're looking at the delay as an opportunity to have new experiences until their new flight on Saturday.

"In Florida it's nothing but sand and beaches, which we love but this is so different. It's God's country for sure. We're just having a blast," said Connie Faciane.

With the first day of Spring in less than a week the weather is a little confusing to non South Dakotans. For Pamela Nealy she wants to get home to spend time with her son. "Well I have a son flying home from college for Spring Break tomorrow so I'm hoping to get home to see him and spend time with him. Just getting back to normal,"

In Downtown Rapid City, I'm Meredith James