Work starting on 3rd Avenue bridge over Moccasin Creek

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The bridge on Third Avenue in Aberdeen has been around since the mid-seventies, but in recent years city officials have had to monitor the traffic that uses the bridge.

As the weather warms up, work on roads and bridges becomes a priority.

"The city's been patiently waiting, we've had some utilities and things that needed to get moved prior to the reconstruction of that bridge, and we're finally to that point," said Aberdeen Engineer Robin Bobzien.

The bridge over the Moccasin Creek at Third Avenue has needed work for some time..

Other than Sixth Avenue, that probably is the highest volume bridge that we have, so we're wanting to see it get done," said Bobzien.

The work on this bridge, as well as two others in Aberdeen is long overdue.

But, city officials have had to keep an extra eye on this bridge.

"It was built in the mid-70's and structurally it's just gone downhill so we've had to restrict loads on that bridge for a number of years," said Bobzien.

Now that the South Dakota Department of Transportation is getting the work completed, Bobzien knows the people living in the area will appreciate a new structure.

"A lot of the folks in the area, they'll be glad when it's done," said Bobzien.

But the most important thing is making sure drivers traveling are always safe.

"Public safety and just the sheer volume of people that use that road," said Bobzien.

Two other bridges are slated for work after this one. Those are located on 10th Avenue and 12th Avenue.